Who We Are

Church Staff

The Reverend Richard C. Choe The Reverend Richard C. Choe

Richard joined us on September 1, 2014 as our minister. He is excited about ministering with St. Paul's congregation and neighbours to serve the community. He is passionate about finding ways to connect spiritual practices and ideas with daily life in the world that God loves. "Finding Sacred in the Ordinary" is how he describes his faith practices.

Richard has worked with various ecumenical and interfaith organizations nationally and internally. He brings eighteen years of well balanced experiences of ministering with congregations and ten years as a senior staff at the United Church national office. Richard has taught "Photography as a Spiritual Practices" in Canada and in the United States.


Wilma Cade

Rev. Wilma Cade - Volunteer Associate Minister

A child of the Okanogan in B.C., Wilma has had a long and busy life in the church. Trained as a Christian educator, she worked in various congregations as a deaconess until the mid 1980's when she was ordained and served at Cheltenham United Church until she retired. She later helped out at different small congregations until she really finally came to worship with us at St. Paul's.

When not busy in "retirement" with her husband Peter, her three children and four grandchildren, Wilma assists us with leading Bible study, in worship and bringing her wisdom and good humour into our presence.


Iain Morrison

Iain Morrison - Director of Music

Iain's passion for music is enthusiastic and contagious. He continues to explore the sacred relationship between worship and music and how they can draw us closer to God. Iain is equally comfortable on the marvelous Casavant pipe organ, jazzing up an old favourite on the piano or leading our contemporary ensemble - Emmaus Road.


Tina Robinson

Tina Robinson - Office Administrator

Tina keeps St. Paul's organized - no easy task in such a busy place - but it's all second nature to her having spent her years in the business world and as an Administrative Assistant at two other United Churches before coming to St. Paul's. Tina's pleasant manner endears her to all who work and worship here or are just passing through.

She also keeps herself very busy with her three children and four grandchildren along with singing with Emmanuel United Church's choir, Mississauga Choral Society, Peel Choral Society and Esprit Chamber Choir. She is also the Past-President and member of the Rotary Club of Bramalea, enjoys making milk-bag mats, has knit over 5,000 dolls for children in developing countries around the world and most summer evenings can be found in the garden.


Jack Drew

Jack Drew - Church Officer

Jack cares deeply about the community of St. Paul's and it's building - the busier the better in his mind. He loves giving tours of the place and sharing stories of its history. When not looking after the physical plant, he can be found assisting at weddings and staffing the sound board on Sunday mornings.

Married to Bev with two young men as sons - Chris and Mark - Jack is also involved with the Brampton Historical Society and simply loves trains.



Natalia Ramnarine - Sunday School Teacher

Natalia is a third year student at the Uniteversity of Toronto obtaining an Honours Bachelors of Science.

Natalia says, "Being a member of St. Paul's for eleven years has definitely contributed to my sense of self and also aided my knowledge of Christianity.  As a result of various church events and helping my mother, Maleka Ramnarine, in Sunday School planning, I would like to give back to the church by providing younger children with the same experiences as myself growing up.

I deeply believe that I can contrute to the success of Sunday School in planning new initiatives for the development of both the church and its congregation."