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History of St. Paul's

In 2021 we celebrate our 192nd Anniversary

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The congregation of what is now St. Paul's United Church in Brampton had its beginning in 1828; small groups gathering in the home of John Elliott situated on the banks of the Etobicoke River and were then know as Primitive Methodists. In 1840 the first church was built at the corner of Queen and Chapel Streets.

On June 6, 1885 the cornerstone of the present structure was laid, J.S. Mallory & Son were the Architects. The building is constructed of rusticated credit valley brown stone with white facings and slate roofing in a fish design. Its sanctuary was architecturally designed to accommodate 1000 persons, behind which a two-story church school facility and church offices were embodied.

From Church Union in 1925, in which Methodists, Presbyterians and Congregationalists united in one common spiritual faith, came the founding of the United Church in Canada and St. Paul's United Church in Brampton.