Guide for Weddings at St. Paul's

Weddings are Worship Services, where two people publicly covenant with each other in mutual love, and God acts as a witness and guarantor that the covenant will be carried out with fidelity. The staff at St. Paul's acts on behalf of the Congregation to assist in this significant moment.

The following information will be helpful in your planning:

  1. Those requesting marriage at St. Paul's are asked:

    • To confirm the proposed date and time of the wedding with the Church office, after reading the pamphlet. [Weddings are at 1:00, 2:30 or 4:00 p.m., subject to availability.]

    • To agree to meet with a minister at an appropriate time before the wedding. *[You will be contacted approximately 1 month before your wedding to arrange an interview time with the minister.]

  2. A Rehearsal will be booked at the time of your interview* with the minister. The rehearsal is normally the evening before the wedding and lasts 30 - 45 minutes.

  3. The Wedding Service will be conducted by a minister of St. Paul's. If another minister is to assist with the service, it is customary that he or she will be invited by the minister of St. Paul's

  4. The Organist of St. Paul's is responsible for all musical arrangements for a wedding. Please note that the organ and piano may only be played by the church organist. The organist will be in touch with you a week or two before your wedding.  Fees for the organist are to be paid whether or not their services are required.

  5. Marriage Licence. It is the couple's responsibility to obtain their Marriage License within 3 months of their ceremony, from the City Clerk's Office or many municipal offices in Ontario. You are asked to deliver the license to the Church Office not later than 3 weeks before your wedding.

  6. Confetti. The use of confetti, flower petals or rice inside and outside the building is forbidden at all times.

  7. Flowers and Pew Bows. The church has bouquets of flowers and pew bows available for your wedding at a small fee. Please advise at time of interview if you wish to use them. You may make your own arrangements, if you wish.

  8. Candles. If you wish to light candles on the candelabra on the communion table, please bring three (10-12") candles to the rehearsal.


Honoraria and Fees - please contact the Church Office at (905) 451-1405


For a wedding ceremony outside St. Paul's, please contact the church office.


Wedding Information updated March 2016.